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Welcome to Storybrooke, Maine!
Where every fairy tale, fable, or story you have ever learned of walks the main streets of downtown. This is a group based off of the ABC television show Once Upon a Time. We are not connected to the show in any way. We are here to have fun and that is what we do. Come in, have a look around, ask questions. We don’t bite. Well…most of us don't. I can’t say much about our resident Wolf.
If you want a fun story that is fairy tale or fantasy based read a tale, wish upon a star, and wave that wand to bring a Storybrooke profile to life. We accept Canon Once characters as well as Original Characters.
So sprinkle that fairy dust and join in the magic,
we love having new residents in town! 
And in case you're unaware, click on the actual tabs in the menu before scrolling through the hover options. They hold information too!
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